Earthen House.. {Beautiful}

Earthen House.. {Beautiful}

Combo hallway and greenhouse, growing your own veggies and fruit.stays around 70 degrees year round.

para un comedor pequeño

↢⟐◈⟐↣ Introducing New World's With a Shrug ↢⟐◈⟐↣: Cob Favorites

Outstanding This Cob House: 50+ Cob House & Natural Building Designs Should you need to restore your house in the not too distant future for a specific reason, ask when they're readily available to begin. Actually my brother's house is among these

This Cob House: 50+ Cob House & Natural Building Designs

window seat Strawbale construction: 3 times the insulation value of a conventional wall; 3 times more fire proof than a conventional home (yes, you read that right! lessens pollution by using a waste material that normally contributes significantly t

Crib Repurpose Ideas – A DIY Project | Decozilla

Crib Repurpose Ideas – A DIY Project

I love repurposed ideas. Crib Repurpose Concepts – A DIY Undertaking furniture ideas

walls with glass bottles - Google keresés

I bet this would also work to make an amazing colorful perimeter wall. how to put glass bottles in cob walls - a great starter piece to learn how to in the backyard this or a cob wall

глинянный дом интерьер

Michael Buck, a farmer from Oxfordshire, England, has used the ancient cob building technique to construct a small but cozy hobbit house, for which he paid just adresinden görsel.

This interior space could be created in our current living room space. I need to learn how to apply cob to an existing structure. An expansion of our current window units in that main living area will allow more natural light and views of our property.

Omg, would love this DIY in the back of my *dream* farmhouse someday. So relaxing w/ my book  drink in hand.

DIY: pallet swing bed one of my b.'s (jennifer) her husband (dale), made her a "bad-ass" chair/bed swing in her tree in the yard! Its totally awsome!

casa ecologica

casa ecologica

entrance  i love the bottle walls. i have to do this.

glass bottle wall, when i build my tiny house, I want a wall like this