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Hilary Clinton on sexuality. Something to think about....

"…Being gay is not a western invention. It is a human reality" -Hillary Clinton OS

I love this! Even as a child, I thought it was just wrong to have only one color called 'flesh'

A powerful statement to address one of my pet peeves. kids looking for the 'peach' crayon and asking, "where's the skin color crayon?" I always reply with a small handful of various shades. Would be nice if everyone's crayon box was like this.

Stop gender discrimination!

Source: Dale Spender, For the Record: Making and Meaning of Feminist Knowledge

When it comes down to it.....

Although this is prejudice against any Neanderthals or Cro Magnon people who may be grown from frozen DNA in the future.

I aspire to use my business education to mentor youth, empower talent, encourage leadership, and strengthen societies.

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