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Spending time on unnecessary things - unfortunately this happens everyday...

Funny Workplace Ecard: I'm really swamped with things I shouldn't be spending time on right now.

I need this.

Let's be honest. I'm Drunk Tee.pinning for the hair not the shirt although I know some people who I could buy the shirt for.

i do have the most important test of my life i will be taking in a week, and i should be studying but.....

This spoof on the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster made me laugh. Procrastinate now and panic later. Great for Back To School.

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Caught me! Guess I should get back to writing that paper!

The task I must undertake is towering over me like a great big monolith. It is too big to contemplate, so I think I will go and have a little look at the internet.

Google Image Result for http://takingtimeformommy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/house-or-me.jpg

Unfortunately the house usually looks better than me. (just not enough time & my husband is more concerned with the house looking good)

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 I was JUST thinking to myself, "I might actually get to bed by 10 tonight" when I saw this! It's so true- I wish I could make myself go to bed earlier!

It is one of life's bitterest truths that bedtime so often arrives just when things are really getting interesting.so my kids think;