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Spiritual healing through consciousness is now flowing through our relationships expanding into the 5th dimension paradigm and way of life. To read more on how it has expanded our relationships through spiritual healing, go to https://itsmypleasure.com.au

The Tree of Life – Sacred Geometry appears in all forms whether we can recognize it with our eyes or not. We are surrounded with its Beauty and all encompassing love for us!

“The Birth of a Nation” arrives amid a resurgence in movies about slavery. ILLUSTRATION BY KEITH NEGLEY

“The Birth of a Nation” Isn’t Worth Defending

Nico ilustraciones

Nico ilustraciones

This artist creates 3D art using paper and pen only - Designer Daily: graphic and web design blog

This artist creates 3D art using paper and pen only

urfavseason: “ mayahan: “Clever Illustrations by Danish illustrator HuskMitNavn ” So creative ”

La epistemología (del griego ἐπιστήμη epistḗmē, "conocimiento", y λόγος lógos, "estudio") es la rama de lafilosofía cuyo objeto de estudio es el conocimiento.