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Matthias Schoenaerts...!?

antique photo of sailor with beard and awesome mustache beards bearded man men retro vintage image handlebar mustaches

WW 2 - Handsome, unknown young soldier (Canadian or British?)

** Vintage Photo Booth Picture ** please excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor! Royal Air Force Officer, ca. Everybody was young once.

World War ll US Navy sailors in NYC.if only men still looked like this (guy on the left, sigh*)

And also because it's hot as hell Baaaahaaaaa true, we women are a pain...

Embrace The Beard. "He who sacrifices his beard for a woman deserves neither".

Dear shirtless man with beard and weapon.  Please save me from the savages. Love,  Damsel

*Beast *ManBun *model *Beards *Samurai Nothing screams male like a beard and a sword.

coque samurai - Pesquisa Google

Shitty Hipster Update Ep Jwow's Hipster Journey João: a Portuguese dude who slowly became a Berlin hipster.

Glorious. new hairstyle for men only for the 2013 year. let's get rid of the "need-a-shave" look, & get dorky.

Movember is an annual event that encourages men to grow facial hair to raise money for men’s health. There's a Movember moustache styles for everyone!

Haha. I guess that's one way to stay warm.

Cat in His Beard Bearded Man with Kitten Old Man Unusual Long Beard Funny Fancy Hat Charming Weird Eccentric Vintage Photography Photo Print

"Samurai, Yokohama," 1864 Felice Beato

thekimonogallery: Rare photo of true samurai, circa Japan, by photographer Felice Beato. A year or two after this photograph was taken, the samurai were abolished, and with it the Japanese feudal system.

Salvador Dali.

His moustache was as popular, if not more, than his art! Surrealist painter Salvador Dali topped a new poll of the best-known moustaches of all time. Here's a look at some moustaches that made the cut.