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troye sivan nose piercing - Google Search

So yeah I have watched so many Troye Sivan videos it's insane.

(You be Troye I'll be the boy) I was an out cast but I loved Troye Sivan I got tickets to his concert and I got back stage passes on the day of the concert I went back stage and Troye saw me and he gave me his number telling me he will call me

at least he knows

he dances like a noodle and its been confirmed that he's dating jacob (bixenman) and apparently jacobs sister confirmed it but i dont know her ig so if you know it help me out & comment bellow!<<<< he is dating Jacob, she deleted the post tho


HApPy BiRthDay To OuR sMol BEan Troye Sivan Mellet 21 years old but he honestly looks 12