Cinéma rue Sadie Carnot

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Comunicação Gráfica 2012/15 Micael Gomes: Irmãos Lumiére - Os obreiros do cinema

Old Fashioned Cinemas-Did you Know: On March Britain’s first cinema opened in Piccadilly Circus in London. It was called the Regent Street Cinema and the first film to be shown was the Lumiere Brothers Moving Picture Show.

Dracula cool vintage photo of the cinema billboards to advertise this spooky movie event

Dracula (original title) / Horror of Dracula starring Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee We used to watch these on Shock Theatre. Had a Huge crush on Christopher Lee.

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Vogue Theater Movies, Music and Books--Dannville, Colo.--Byron and Eve shop there--I'll Be Home for Chanukah

Cinéma rue Sadie Carnot

cinema I really like going into new/old/different movie theaters. Seeing the same movie in different theaters makes the movie seem different as well.