Artist Turns Pencils Into Beautiful Vases

Amalgamated Vases by Tuomas Markunpoika, Created by individually gluing one facet of a pencil to another, taking advantage of the tessellating hexagonal shapes to form a solid block which is then lathed.

Amalgamated de Tuomas Markunpoika |

Finnish designer Tuomas Markunpoika took a classic childhood tool, the colored pencil, and constructed a collection of vases with a very distinct look.


El lápiz, más allá de la materia: Tuomas Markunpolka

Beautiful Vases made from pencils - Tuomas Markunpoika, of Studio Markunpoika

Silla de cuerda de propileno de Tom Price.

MELTDOWN CHAIR: PP BLUE ROPE by Tom Price: "This chair is created by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a ball of polypropylene rope.

victor hunt meltdown-blue-rope bRotterdam_object_2012

idreamcreateandadmire: “ Tom Price - blue rope - meltdown Made of blue polypropylene rope ”


Revamped Traditional Planters - The Herb Terracotta Pot Takes on a Geometrical Aesthetic (GALLERY)

Amalgamated vases by Tuomas Markunpoika (Pencils glued together and milled to produce vessels strakes with the coloured leads)

Tuomas Markunpoika creates Amalgamated vases from coloured pencils

In a series called: Amalgamated, Studio Markunpoika created vases out of the most unlikely object, pencils. See more of the pencil vases here.

Как вы думаете, что можно сделать из склееных вместе цветных карандашей? Смотрим и удивляемся. Честно говоря, нашел только подборки картинок без описания…

small candy dish woodturned from colored pencils. Cast in clear cast polyester resin. Designed by John Choponis,