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Hidden cat

Most advanced cat toy yet to be on the market! Mousr Check it out.

Este gato que só quer saber como as coisas funcionam.

42 gifs de gatos que com certeza vão te fazer rir sempre

Cats - Katzen

Oh my goodnes an orange kitten and a black and white kitten sharing an ice cream cone. Too cute! Don't know if icecream is good for them, but it's a great photo!

A Quirky Girl's Thoughts: 23 Ways To Cheer Up On A Crummy Day!

Not everyone is your true friend. True friends are something very special, and are never found in abundance. Many times you never really know who your true friends are until you desperately need them.

Amici snimali

" I killed my stylist first " Bob the serial killer cat, new hair cut. : Get it Bob :

In Longing Spirit

I love the innocent face of my kitten. I want to play

Leo would eat me before he'd let me put him in a bear suit . . . but how cute is this kitty?!

Teddy cat, teddy cat, what are they feeding you. Teddy cat, teddy cat, it's not your fault.

Thanksgiving kitty   //   FOXINTHEPINE.COM

On Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims sat down with kitty Indian Princess and they all had Turkey and Giblets. ~ The Davinci Foundation for Animals

Cute Ocelot

Cute Ocelot

Oh dear sweet eight pound six ounce newborn baby Jesus. its a Baby Ocelot, aka the most adorable thing ever. My kind of cat.

The rarest and most critically endangered of all the big cats... the Amur Leopard

There are only 40 Amur leopards left. They are found in Russia.

Giving a home to something that no one else wanted

Giving a home to something that no one else wanted