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Imagen de melanie martinez

You try to explain but before you can start, those Crybaby tears come out of the dark.

Melanie Martinez, Paper

melanie martinez

image discovered by Johana Carranza.

I wish I could draw like this!!!

I wasn't a huge fan of the Alphabet Boy music video, understandably so, it wasn't Melanie's most creative and I was hoping for more of a story line. Never the less, Melanie looked so damn adorable in it! I LOVED her hair!

*whispers to maddie*maddie look behind me look at the dolls faces, *maddie almost shreiks because I'm a doll talking*-mia


Even with long hair, I'd never be able to get my hair like that but I've been waiting forever since I watched Dollhouse for my hair to grow into a bob to dye my hair half and half. Having asymmetrical hair didn't help