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Agave attenuata. Native to Mexico. (Succulent)

Agave attenuata Foxtail Agave Probably one of the most widely used succulents available this Mexican native forms attractive geometric rosettes, perfect for accent plantings in both beds and contai…

Agave 'Silver Surfer'.  Also known as:  Silver Surfer Century Plant

Agave 'Silver Surfer'

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Agave attenuata - (Mature size: 4 - 5 feet high and 6 - 8 feet wide) with clusters of pups tucked under its leaves, Agave attenuata is best planted where it can spread out. Pups are easily removed, but the cluster is quite striking. Tiny pale green flowers become many new plantlets that can be plucked off the stem and rooted. Native to Mexico, this is a tropical agave, prefers partial shade to scorching sun and looks best with regular water.

Fox Tail Agave, Agave attenuata, 15 seeds, soft blue-green leaves, windowsill or…

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Agave shawii - Coastal Agave, Shaw's Agave is a medium sized agave, with green ovate leaves up to 20 inches cm) long and up to.

Par de flores púrpuras del Rocío, Aptenia cordifolia

Suculenta florida los 365 días del año

La suculenta que tendrás siempre florecida, Aptenia cordifolia

Boophane disticha foilage.

Boophane disticha, a poisonous bulbous tropical and subtropical flowering plant, endemic to Africa. ~~ there must be a plant in every imaginable shape and form, and many unimaginable ones!

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