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Wolfrott by TamberElla

CG Style Art by TamberElla on DeviantArt



(Name: qwixx) (Gender: Male) (Age: 8 years) (Role: Hunter) (Bio: New comer, so not much is known of him, he says he was thrown from his pack due to killing the lead beta wolf after it snapped at his mate)

ext. Bild

Art trade with  of her OC Kola Idk how well Kola can use magic runes, but I think they fit the environment well. I spent this weekend watching my brother play Dark Souls, so I drew some ins.

Angel of Fire- winged fire wolf

Random wolf is random. ___________________ Artwork (c)*Jetera Beyond my reach

[CoR3] Rrrribbooonsss by Takogami.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Feeling good and doing fine so this turned out how I wanted it to be aha Hope ya like it!

Ojos rojos...lobo negro Poder!!

Holy craaaap, ANOTHER commission from Thanks so much! This is basically her character Akira but in her dark form I hope I des. Dark Akira CO

'Its where you want to be' by VeRCeline.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Nixx-female- she is particularly interested in demon and what he is up to, she doesn't talk much and avoids most people (BAD WOLF)