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he has…. artistic vision. but Thor said he liked it.

he has…. artistic vision. but Thor said he liked it.

Aw honey!! You don't know how beautiful your Jotun form is!!

lousysharkbutt: “ remember that part in megamind where his covers blown and he just yells ‘dont look at me’ and everyone looks away megamind is such a good movie commissions

Loki looks so fabulous and handsome, just like in real life! Fuck, marvel really knows how to do this shit well

dkettchen: “ Valki push ups Val is super strong ” Bless

dkettchen: “ Valki push ups Loki is super strong ” <- @ all y’all saying “I ship them so hard! She fucking hates him. Ship her with Bruce or Thor, someone she actually likes. Miss me with that “enemies to lovers!

Lol! Stark is pretty funny. I could imagine him actually doing this!

hehe portal to jotenheim -- 'why is loki in the fridge', my eyes are watering it's so funny.

Thor: Ragnarok || This boy has got some issues

Loki just wants to be lov- um hated? Loki and Thor. Loki wants control over his relationships; thanks Odin.

x)) sympa le casque!

For superhero day, we SHOUL MAKE A LOKI HELMET. And then the children can play ring toss on it while riding. All children love ring toss. And I love superheros. This should really happen.