Port Franklin in Victoria Australia has a wonderful river, but you cannot swim in it as there are sharks, but you can catch a great deal of fish and even sharks. The Franklin river flows into the Tasman Sea.

Deer fawn Reminds of the one in "Bambi" I saw when I was a child. I love Deers and could never kill one, not ever!


plasmatics-life: Babe Lost in the Woods ~ By Connie Gifford so sweet! my favourite and loved little animal

Red Deer by Don Hooper

beautiful-wildlife: “ Red Deer by Don Hooper A Red Deer Stag in falling snow.

Now What???

Cool snow ペンギン (jp) Pinguin (de) penguin (en) 펭귄 새 (kr) manchot (fr) pinguino (it) pingvin (se) pinguim (pt)葡 pingüino (es)西 pinguïn (nl)荷

Fawn - D001104 by Daniel Dempster - Fawn - D001104 Photograph - Fawn - D001104 Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Beautiful when they are resting quietly. Not so beautiful when they are running across the road in the dark. Drive Safe and Stay Insured.

12 Cute Animal Pictures for Your Day

12 Cute Animal Pictures for Your Day

White Tailed Baby fawn Photo from Crista Forest Would love to see a young baby fawn. I have seen a baby fawn with its mother at a salt block


" I see you up there in that Deer Watch woodpile. Too bad yer gonna fall out and break yer leg.