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Model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Herbert Jacobs House Madison, Wisc., exploded model developed by Situ Studio, Brooklyn for Guggenheim Museum Exhibition - Architectural model

Olas del océano hechas de cristal 1

Sheets of Glass Cut into Layered Ocean Waves by Ben Young waves water sculpture glass in Art

Yes or nOt?

The house is located in a five hectare hilly property on the outskirts of Évora…

Alexander, K. (2010, November 7). Geological History Museum Santorini [Digital image]. Retrieved February 10, 2017, from http://www.greekarchitects.gr/gr/συμμετοχες-2009-10/131-διαδρομή-–-μουσείο-γεωλογικής-ιστορίας-σαντορίνη-id3476

Museum of Geological History Santorini (Thesis Project) - Kapsimalis Alexandros, Department of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens 2009