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This new artificial limb is powered by rocket fuel. A team of mechanical engineers has created an prosthetic leg that is powered by a special type of liquid fuel called a monopropellant — the same kind of fuel that gives rockets their thrust. The new device could usher in the next generation of prosthetics — powerful and light-weight artificial limbs that will look and function more like the real thing.

This new artificial limb is powered by rocket fuel

A new prosthetic design which utilizes a monopropellant, the same type of fuel which gives rockets their thrust. From University of Alabama, Vanderbilt University and the Georgia Institute of Technology


Warrior Systems-Insight Announces Production Award: U. Army’s Enhanced Night Vision Goggle

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2648310112_b658fb2d50_b.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 1024 × 768 пикселов)

Mk14 NACES Ejection Seat. Currently in service in the T-45 and F-18. Over 2200 Mk14's currently in service worldwide.

Currently in service in the and Over 2200 currently in service worldwide.