Wish a certain stupid cheating husband that I know would simply DISAPPEAR FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!! (**pinned by the mother of a beautiful, loving, and caring woman who was simply tossed aside for no reason whatsoever by a really poisonous and self-centered a**hole!!!**)

Yes it is and any time that cloud disappears I& so happy! Well either way I& happy it& just a little brighter when & cloud& disappears

Mrs.Wideen's Blog: Procedural Writing Unit with iPad Integration

Procedural Writing Unit with iPad Integration: Great cross curricular unit that incorporates graphing.

Gum-Flavored Hot Dogs

Gum-Flavored Hot Dogs

Bubble Gum Cocktail Wienies and more Unique Gifts at Perpetual Kid. No cocktail party is complete without a crockpot full of cocktail wienies simmering in red s