SECRET DOOR II, Victorian steampunk antique lock key hole cuff bracelet with ivory lace

steampunk style mini skirt. #mini skirt #steampunk

Utility Belt, Hip Pouch with Attachable Leather Mini Skirt, Semi-Precious Stone, Color Details I would add some custom leather boots, a knife strapped to my thigh and a top with many straps of leather.

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Steampunk fashion- Be sure to check out our YA Dept's Steampunk Civil War Fashion Show on Friday at I would wear this!

:) Sculpture by Flavio Zarck

Icarus heading to the sun, cool steam punk, post apocalyptic art or sculpture ,costume inspiration, contemporary gothic vision to love Steampunk Fairy of Angel “Gárgola Real” by Flavio Zarck In Spanish "Gárgola Real” means "Real Gargoyle"

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This Steampunk Heart of Mine . The gears of my heart Have slowed over the years Yet they still spin Even in the right direction There is no key Other than to let Memories Be just that We can not sustain A heart on the fodder Of old memories Nor can we