Ugly bastard

Hag Black Annis -- A malevolent being with blue skin, she roamed the countryside and enjoyed meals of lambs and children. If she caught a child, she would tan its skin and wear it around her waist.

pluviophile. : Foto

m Barbarian or Dwarf damaged helm portrait Skyrim Concept art, but One day I would love to have a beard as glorious as this, thats my aim

Elmo, espada e escudo

older style fantasy warrior, in chain with longsword and shield armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Shadowrun by Grobi-Grafik on DeviantArt

Shadowrun by Grobi-Grafik Female/ Blue Hair/ Punk/ Goth/ Fantasy/ Leather Jacket

Kimmuriel Oblodra for all-the-drow by personwithouttalent

m Drow Elf Wizard robes midlvl underdark urban coastal jungle Kimmuriel Oblodra for all-the-drow by personwithouttalent

licantropo bajo la luna

Werewolf - A human that turns into a human-like wolf during a full moon, who stands on their two legs but looks and behaves as a wolf. The werewolf loses any remembrance of their human identity upon transformation, usually going on a deadly rampage


Remembering John Buscema, he passed away 10 years ago last January. He was a legendary comic-book artist of the highest caliber and one of.