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this little turd said glove kink and i was like …well how can i not–


don't report, just block me or don't read it. credit to the artists of these pics.

Heaven/Hell (KLANCE WEEK) by KT-ExReplica

Heaven/Hell (KLANCE WEEK) by KT-ExReplica>>>boyfriend cuddles are exactly what lance needs to get through the week

nsfw under the cut [[MORE]]hahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooOOoOOOooOooOoooo sue me??

nsfw under the cut [[MORE]]hahah! oooOOoOOOooOooOoooo sue me?

#everyoneisgayforshiro2k16 BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! THAT'S WHY!!! Omg XD

He’s literally so beautiful if he had piercings and tattoos he’d be the perfect punk edit

Keith / Lance **burritossining.tumblr.com**

When u think it’s gonna be all cute but turns out to be kinda depressing

Taifuu No Allura by SolKorra

Crossover for fun with the short animated movie "Taifuu no Noruda" I watched it in the night, not was a so amazing short, and the story was so so great,. Taifuu No Allura

Lol, oh Keith, what's with you and saying, "Voltron?"

Lol, oh Keith, what's with you and saying, "Voltron?">>>oh god, is lance pulling the 'soul eater Excalibur face'?>>>this just made my morning

Resultado de imagen para klance

Not Attracted To Men Or Women

Lance is me (Bt-dubs, I'm not very fond of the little Klance doodle, because I don't ship it, but I like everything else)<< how is this possible? You don't ship Klance?

Keith / Lance | Pidge | Hunk **marchingspace**

Pidge ships it and Hunk isn't thinking at the moment but then will explain it to Hunk and then Lance ends up carrying him bridal style

Voltron x Beach by SolKorra on DeviantArt

Lance FREAKING would tho>>>> it was so aesthetically pleasing Up until Lance in a speedo