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this little turd said glove kink and i was like …well how can i not–


I am feeling bad for taking a break from my fandom break, but this little sketch meant a lot to me. He’s just so far away from home… Give him a little break. Let him visit his family and let him tell.


**NSFW PICTURES** don't report me, children. credit to the artists of these pics. yall i'm counting making out as nsfw lmao

Ceci est un rantbook normal, avec des questions qui vous sont posées,… #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad

Rantbook D'une PsychopatheYaoistePerverseFanDeBDSMTigresse

nsfw under the cut [[MORE]]hahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooOOoOOOooOooOoooo sue me??

nsfw under the cut [[MORE]]hahah! oooOOoOOOooOooOoooo sue me?


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....i need some lemon fanfiction of this please

Whenever I see pictures like this I just imagine them screaming into each other's mouths

IT WAS A TRAP.......... And it worked XD

Keith is weak to Lance's romantic gestures me: keith is gay, just gay keith things