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This would be useful for character drawing and practicing expressions<< yeah.

Your oc card

Your oc card

DRAW YOUR OC WHILE...CHALLENGE (You Choose!) c: by animangaemo on ...

Okay so for a future drawing, I'd love to take this challenge. =w= Basically how this will go is you guys recommend me a number and I will draw my OC in. DRAW YOUR OC WHILE.CHALLENGE (You Choose!

I'll do this with Dew, Dip, Reid, or Puddles :D (Puddles is a new oc, I'm working on a ref for him, but you'll see him if you pick him :D

doing with my oc charlie-- i have artist's block and i need help.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor oc drawing challenge

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor oc drawing challenge{ doing this one second}

I'm gonna do the entire OC challenge all in one day

I'll try to do the entire OC challenge all in one day-probably with Martin

Outfit drawing challenge

I'm bored! comment below an oc of mine and one of these! (my ocs are Ian(male),Nick(male) and Clover(female)

Nightmare meme by brody-lover

Nightmare meme by brody-lover (Pinning again cause why not)

I'll do it with any of my ocs! I have Lola, Jova, Anubis, Kinkajou, Akuma, Scarlet, Red, and Tavi. Anyone?

I'm taking that oc is character or something.well I've got Mika, Kit, Scarlet, Rider, Hope.

30 Day OC Challenge! I have no idea what OC stands for, but I'll just make up a character and draw them! :D

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