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Ohhoho, seems about right. Shizaya. Izaya x Shizuo. Durarara!!

Heiwajima Shizuo x Orihara Izaya, Dagger, Kiss On The Lips

Hello Baby (Shizaya) part 1 of 6. Omo~ what's with that reaction Shizu-chan?????~~~ no denial???

Hello Baby (Shizaya) part 1 of Omo~ what's with that reaction Shizu-chan?~~~ no denial?

Hello, Baby Part 3~

Hello Baby (Shizaya) part 3 of haha, oh yes, indeed. You are the first to make them agree with each other. Pffft, seriously, the strongest baby in earth.I bet the baby going to be a brute with a psychopathic smart brain!

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(top to bottom) Tsukishima x Roppi, Delic x Hibiya, Tsugaru x Psyche, Shizuo x Izaya (who's hiding behind Shizu-chan.

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Izaya and Shizou

I feel the gay

Did anyone else notice that Shizuo made it so that his hand hit the wall instead of Iaya's head?