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two birds in bamboo

Chinese Painting by Lou Dahua Chinese Painting of Two Brown and Blue Birds. Birds and Bamboo x x with silk brocade mat] x x with silk brocade mat] Artist: Lou Dahua

I really want a Wednesday Adams dress!!

Model: Bambi Brachial Photo: Mrs Thea Photography Welcome to Gothic and Amazing…

Photographer: Tara Mckinney

Photographer: Tara Mckinney ​Headpiece: Miss G Designs​ Bracelet: Liberté​ Hair: Alex Ford Makeup: Sharon TabbModel: Renee Grabow Fashion Photography - Fantasy - Couture - Guardian - Gatekeeper - Fine Art - Storytelling - Enchanted - Mystical - Mysterious

How perfect is this picture. I love it! Alice In Wonderland image that shows Alice smoking a joint (presumably of marijuana). The image is showing Alice in Wonderland, the children's movie, as a movie involving heavy drug use. This is re framing a facet of pop culture to challenge the audience's understanding of the movie.

“Badass Fanarts” or the hidden face of heroes from the cartoons of our childhood re-visited by illustrator Sylvain Sarrailh, aka Tohad!

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10696258_10205488964332971_8648155674749145422_n.jpg (960×537)

Cernunnos - Step 2  Jane Starr Weils

Cernunnos - Step 2 Jane Starr Weils

Michelangelo (1475-1564), Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance.

David by Michelangelo - Giuliano de Medici, photo © Aurelio Amendola

Dos Koi nadando hacia la felicidad. Koi es un motivo hermoso y frecuentemente usado en arte asiático. Debido a su lucha en contra de la corriente del río se ha convertido en el emblema de la fuerza y la perseverancia. La imagen de la natación de dos Koi juntos a menudo se utiliza para simbolizar un matrimonio largo y feliz. La caligrafía de caracteres en la esquina superior derecha de la imagen es el símbolo del kanji para la felicidad.

Two Koi Swimming Towards Happiness. Koi are a beautiful and frequently used motif in Asian art. Because it struggles against the current of the river it has become the emblem of strength in.