Kumoya Yukio, GARNET CRADLE, Shirato Tsubaki, Shirato Sou link  http://www.zerochan.net/563193

(OPEN RP, I'm her. Written in his POV) "Drop the gun sweetheart, I don't want to hurt you" I smirk and cock my head in an arrogant matter "Oh…

If you look up Pocky anime it has so many images like this so I'm going to grab a box of Pocky and see if I can get a boyfriend lol

lovemangalovelife:  From Suki ni Naranai yo, Senpai

When you touch me, I feel tingles through my whole body, when you kiss me, my lips send a shock through my fingers to my toes.

umbrellas are great for giving people a fake sense of control// Zankyou no Terror

KISS MEME WITH WAIFUUUU by omocha-san.deviantart.com on @deviantART

KISS MEME WITH WAIFUUUU by omocha-san on deviantART. I want a boyfriend who will give me Eskimo kisses:( <<< I want a relationship where any of happens :(