Reactions to the various Harry Potter deaths lol I find it funny and true too I felt so sad when mist these ppl died

17 Funny Misunderstandings You Need To See Like, Right Now

17 Funny Misunderstandings You Need To See Like, Right Now

"I'm just trying to look at my phone bill and Jessica thinks i’m gassing her up." >>> The Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book. Did he read all these fanfiction and never noticed that?

The Death Eaters were originally known as the Knights of Walpurgis.

20 Facts You May Not Know About Harry Potter- love Epic fact Never tickle a sleeping dragon.

"Hermione: Looks into the camera like she's on The Office."

22 Jokes You'll Only Laugh At If You've Read Harry Potter

~Hey Gorgeous~ "Hermione: Looks into the camera like she's on The Office.

don't touch me I'm crying

Every year on May I write Hogwarts Pride on my arm and wear Harry Potter clothes.

BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Too funny for words

"He represents chaos" is the CREEPIEST thing I've heard of a little girl saying. Reminds me of the girl from Poltergeist and the twin girls from The Shining.

blew my mind never thought of these like this...naturally the 4th book can't be included because it sets the ground work for the last 3

“Harry Potter is symmetrical. Not just symmetrical - this is ring composition, favoured by Homer and other good writers. The book is at the centre of the ring. JK Rowling knows her beans.


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the marauders-- this is totally weird. and yet somehow i could see this happening and i love it! I friggin love the marauders

the marauders –Why can't it become real instead of just fan made videos, fan arts and amazing head canons?!

head cannon accepted: James asking Sirius to be godfather. Sirius would have been an amazing father i truly believe that and imma stand by it

HP houses, I would be the prefect in the front of the line

TBH I think I might be a ravenclaw with slytherin qualities now that I really think about it but did anyone hear about Alan Rickman? I am so so sad right now I loved him a lot.<----- I'm a slytherin with ravenclaw and it is so sad

Lilly's sacrifice #harrypotter

Harry survived because of lily's love protecting him. Voldemort having a binding oath would not protect harry later on after he killed lily like when he stayed at the dursleys and v couldn't go there ect ect.