So Cool

San Fransisco based designer Norio Fujikawa has created a fitting companion piece to his beautifully designed 'Rocket Girl,' fittingly titled 'Rocket Boy.' Much like its predecessor, 'Rocket Boy' demonstrates Fujikawa's ability to develop and convey…


customized Mekaneko - the original Mekaneko was created by Italian artist Matteo…


Surge Protector - Original concept by Bill Schwab. Modeled in ZBrush and Maya, rendered in

Wild Think by Piotr Holub contemporary ceramic macabre monster animation style sculpture

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Hellboy Art Vinyl Toy looks formidable and strong, just like the protagonist demon and would be great to see in stores.

MARS | Black Ghost vinyl toy custom | Artist: Clog Two

MARS (Black Ghost vinyl toy custom) by Clog Two, via Behance Maybe something for Printer Chat?