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Major Ralph Kuster shoots down a North Vietnamese MiG-17 with his F-105's 20mm cannon.    The U.S. Air Force shot down 137 MiG fighters during the Vietnam War, 61 of which were MiG-17s.

Death of a Mig. Major Kuster fires point blank with cannon from a

Graphic: A closer look at the F-35 fighter jet

The National Post’s graphics team takes a look at the the troubled fighter jet Canada plans to incorporate into its air force.

Avro 707

/k/ Planes Episode Avro Time for yet another /k/ planes thread. This time, one of the oldest and most prolific aircraft manufacturers: Avro. Avro was founded as A.

The Scimitar was a naval attack aircraft of which 76 examples were built for the Royal Navy. Over half were lost in accidents, but XD317 survives in the Fleet Air Arm Museum - Photo taken at Yeovilton (YEO / EGDY) in England, United Kingdom on July 29, 2016.

Supermarine SCIMITAR >>> note the 'unusual' location of the drop-tank on the folding portion of the wing.


/k/ Planes Episode First Generation Jet Fighters It’s time for another episode of /k/ Planes! This time, we’ll be looking at first-generation fighter jets. The advent of the turbojet engine as a.

French Armée de l'Air MD 450 Ouragan (Hurricane) which first flew in 1949.

French Armée de l'Air MD 450 Ouragan (Hurricane) which first flew in

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (28) & DC-3 aircraft picture.

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (28) & DC-3 aircraft picture.

Ahead of entry into service 2014,RAF received 1st of 3 Boeing RC-135 Rivet Joint signals intelligence (SIGINT) acquired Airseeker programme.Operated by 51 Sqn from RAF Waddington in east of England.Personnel from the squadron have been training with USAF's 55th Reconnaissance Wing since 2011 in preparation for arrival of the new aircraft, logging 32,000h across 1,800 sorties,MoD says.Aiming to achieve full operational capability of the 3 RC-135s by mid-2017.

Ahead of its entry into service next year, the UK Royal Air Force has received the first of three Boeing Rivet Joint signals intelligence (SIGINT) aircraft acquired under the Airseeker programme.