I'm sorry what about Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff and about everyone single Magcon boy

I hate on Ellie because I know that she didn't deserve to be in this video.  There were many other fans who bought the VIP ticket and he could choose one of them.  I'm pretty sure that Shawn didn't know that she's an actress  (who the heck knew that?) and he just found her beautiful *caugh* *caugh* and that's why he told her to stay at the end .  I found it unfair and I'm really pissed after that with Shawn.   Also, if there's something between them,  I don't give a single fuck anymore.

Yea but then when I saw Shawn and the girl together I lost it's and started yelling at my screen at in the morning.

Omg! He did not just go there!!!

Oo Brandon you better shut your ugly ass mouth cause this aint jo magcon no more this is just a meet and greet, the real magcon is just a Memorie by now, even tho I want a reeunion