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NO TO DOG FIGHTING! Not strong enough a word to describe what the losers really are in my opinion!

I could use worse words to describe them./ stop animal cruelty. Stop animal abuse.

It’s not news anymore, but I just found out – back in 2012 Ruger the pibble bit two people who were breaking into the Casteel’s house in Valparaiso Indiana. The

Good dog Ruger!

16086 - Pit Bull hero, Ruger, saved his family from home invaders!


Who ever said diamonds were a girls best friend never owned an American Pitt bull Terrier

Pit bulls are the sweetest dogs ever, this is proof. Sometimes dogs r misunderstood and they deserve better

** Or any animal abuse. Animal activists struggled to have it become a Felony in all 50 States, apparently, it's still up to the judge. And mandate animal abuse registry for offenders

End Pitbull Abuse

My only flaw was trying to please my human - STOP Pitbull Abuse!


I love pit bulls, and I think any dog can be as "dangerous" (not really) as they are if treated badly.