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Spartan IV Thorne(Fireteam Majestic)  is engaged in CQB with a Storm Covenant Elite.

An unexpected ally joins a team of Spartans for a dangerous operation—a secret mission into a hidden Forerunner world where the mysterious site known as the Absolute Record awaits!

ArtStation - Halo 4 - Space Elite / Elite Techsuit, Kyle Hefley

Space Elite / Elite Techsuit The only Elite Armor I got work on start to finish. I also sculpted and textured the base techsuit that was shared across all the Elites. Elite Anatomy by Kenneth Scott & Sean Binder

Halo: ODST vs Brute

I'm excited to be back and sharing some of the work I did during the development of Halo thanks, -Isaac Here's the progression for the design of the ODST.

Halo : 3 ODST

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Concept Art by Garrett Post

Oh, and his Mark V MJOLNIR armor is retroactively-fitted as the version presented in Halo: Reach.

Warrior of Sanghelios by Capestranus.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Custom Elite minor model, based on the Halo:Reach de. Warrior of Sanghelios

Spartan II and UNSC Marines are engaged by Covenant forces.

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