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life has a hopeful undertone : Photo

Look to the stars

coldplay, chris martin / music photography I want to be a concert photographer

He is the most precious<<< definitely the most precious. look at his precious lil smile

my cousin said she was the biggest fan of twenty one pilots but when she asked what was with the ski masks.

It shows that he is not that afraid anymore, that he doesn't suffocate himself that much because he has got used to being on stage and making new music.

Dark Tyler light Tyler little ball of sound happy Tyler rock Tyler it's called ukulele screamo and it's art

Josh Dun, Twenty One Pilots, Beans

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Twenty One Pilots have blown up at top 40 radio, sold out massive arenas and…

We all have øur masks that we wear.

tru story // one time i wore all black & people stared @ me in disgust @ school.but i didnt care bc i wore it for a reason,for tøp.<<< seriously, i just died when i read that XD ily.

my golden days

One day I said to my dad, “Are you disappointed that I’m working a minimum wage job and I didn’t go college?” I’ll never forget his response.

I'm gonna start learning the base soon so yay

I took a quiz and it asked me if Tyler played an instrument I said yes and it said “no”

Look at his face. Look how serious he is

I picture Tyler saying "where the white women at" hahahahahaha twenty one pilots…