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Mejor solo que mal acompañado.

Some people are like the clouds: when they disappear, the day turns brighter

Del Olvido Al No Me Acuerdo....SP

Del Olvido Al No Me Acuerdo. Not sure what that says, but I HEART this chair, and Lurve the person's board from whom I borrowed this pic.

Quienlodira Creaciones

A quote from Miguel de Cervantes who was a famous novelist about love, which was one of the things he was known for

Being in bed while raining is one of the greatest pleasures of life


No pride or disability nor pride but simply because that longer fits in your life close the door change the disc clean the house dusting stop being who you were and transform into who you are Paulo Coelho


"Sometimes, it is not love that ends . But the patience.

Sigue tus sueños...

Si el plan no funciona, cambia el plan, pero no cambies la meta - If the plan does not work, change the plan, but do not change the goal