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Adorable, lol Cats

Two headed cat. Well, I have heard that 2 heads are better than This must be the world's smartest cat!

Table cat. (I have one of these, Table cat, counter cat, stove top cat, etc.)

Looks like my cat Mr. Hendrix, but Hendrix has black lips, Nose, and a black design coming down from one eye - looks like a tear


Funny pictures about Cat wearing a serpent hat. Oh, and cool pics about Cat wearing a serpent hat. Also, Cat wearing a serpent hat.

Norwegische Waldkatze – Wikipedia

That face! I've always been partial to Norwegian Forest Cats. I love their innocent faces, tufty ears, and temperament.

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Fluffy cat breeds are some of the most popular, furry cats can be found in white, black, grey and even Siamese coloring. Love to cuddle soft,?

Life... it's just one interruption after another!

What do you mean by "I don't have time to read?" - cat reading the newspaper