Photo of the Day Fighting giraffes in the early morning 19 th March Morning Drive (Herold, Peter and Johannes) 30 x wild d.

Adorable little giraffes.

Necking Giraffes by Christopher R. Gray* whilst I was in Botswana this summer, at one point we were able to see three pairs of males fighting like this. It was truly amazing!

Giraffe: Nigerian giraffe

In pictures: Necks on the line - saving the West African giraffe

Mother and her baby giraffe.

Speaking of Giraffes, I have been commissioned to knit a newborn sweater with Giraffes on it. Older sister of baby to be, loves Giraffes so the sweater will bring the 12 year old closer to the new baby.

Two Headed Giraffes~

I chose this because people say my head is long like a giraffe neck

Ventanas Soltas

épinglé par ❃❀CM❁✿⊱I love a galloping giraffe ❤️