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Liam Payne, Harry Styles & Niall Horan

Liam Payne, Harry Styles & Niall Horan<<<< okay so I was like "where is harry? It says harry's in the picture" but then I looked at the back and.

Come on, guys. He's obviously upset about all this. Seriously, larry isn't real and it breaks my heart to see harry so upset. So just except Elounor and get on with your lives. {---Thank you.

This is messed up. I'm sick and tired of it! Thank goodness Liam is there to brighten the mood. Gosh this is absolute rubbish. I'd love to give that interviewer a proper slap to the face.>> LIAM SAVED THE DAY ♥

Thisnis so cute and funny ♥

I've already pinned this but.what the heck, I'm glad I was there to experience that funny moment(:

@Jeff Rubio Payne @Niall Dunican Horan I love this part! I love the Niam Bromance! you guys are amazing!

Sheldon Rubio Payne Dunican Dunican Horan I love this part! I love the Niam Bromance! you guys are amazing!

the way you can see his hair underneath the snapback has me feeling some kind of way. nialls feels like crazy lately

That year wnen nialls lil` hair was long enough to hang out of his lil` hat.

Stahp. Nialllllllllllllllllll STAHP IT <<< anyone else notice that girl behind him and the girl cropped out of the picture to the side?

I pinned this for the photobomber girl in the second photo XD


talking about where they were going and they got something terribly wrong h: we didnt pass geography n: i did t: shut up u probably ate the book

I just wish I could snuggle with him call him mine! Kiss his sweet lips. I'm just a fan to him but I can only dream of being more!

i swear Niall is the cutest thing on the planet and Liam is just like take it off

In the second one Niall looks like he did when Louis slapped him lol