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Lol. Look at Stein and Spirit in the background. XD

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Soul Eater Christmas for fans of Soul Eater images.

That's how i study... by ~Love-Death-The-Kid on deviantART

Soul Eater ~~ Patty must drive Liz nuts. :: [ You know it's funny! by on deviantART ]

OMG!!!!!!!!Death the Kid!!!!!!!! I love this Keep Calm And...!!!

Soul eater, death the kid, keep calm death the kid, I don't remember if I foiled the toilet paper. LOLs<<< I can't even remember when I'm running out of toilet paper or not, so I think you're good Kid.

So who is cuter ? Soul , Kid , Crona , or Black Star ?

Soul , Kid , Crona , or Black Star ? <<<<< Soul is totally cuter.

Soul Eater Bkmrks by SaiyaGina.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Soul Eater- Maka albarn Death the kid - Liz and Patty thompson

Here's my undivided attention. by yookeeah

Here's my undivided attention. By Deviant Art (I think they're in loooooove~♡♡♡)