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Stay with who knows the worst version of you, and instead of going, the person will stay and will help you become a better person.

Y de la nada, llegaste a mi.

I like you because you are not perfect, because you came just when I did not expect you . I like people who come so suddenly, those that shake your life, who start shaking the ground.

Letras mas blancas y mucho brillo

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tantos años de evoluciom de la inteligencia sobre el instinto.... y la gente sigue cometiendo la estuídez de enamorarse de quien le gusta y no de quien le hace feliz

So many years of evolution of intelligence over instinct . and people continue to commit the stupidity of falling in love with who likes it and not who makes it happy.

No soy transparente

You don't deserve the one who by their indifference makes you feel invisible and absent.But the one who by their attention makes you feel important and present!

Khalil Gibran

Trans: "Hell is not found in regret; it exists in the heart that is empty".