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Valentines Love Letter Bleach Pen Shirt 13

Sarah Pinyan posted Love Letter Bleach Pen Shirt Sew Woodsy to her -Knits and stitch- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

bleach pen shirt- I want to do with a jacket!

bleach pen shirt: maybe do the hearts out of another fabric, bleaching clothing makes it less resistant

Bleach pen shirts, add a bit of lace too!

bleach pen shirt - used an old black t-shirt.bleach lifted thru to the 'reddish - orange' in the colour spectrum.

I like this pattern along the side ( no directions just photo - pretty self explanatory)

Homestead Survival: Bleach Pen T Shirt Art DIY Project.I did this on accident at camp.maybe it would work better with a bleach pin:)

Spray Bleach on top of a cool design or outline of something

Place a cut-out on a shirt and then spray bleach around it. Great for summer camp craft, have kids bring old t-shirt and have cut-outs of any shape.you'll need to spray the bleach.

WobiSobi: Bleached Lip T-shirt, DIY

WobiSobi: Bleached Lip T-shirt, DIY.Love the sprtized bleach look. Thinking about doing this for bridesmaid t-shirts, just without the lips.

How to embellish garments using a bleach pen

DIY Bleach Doodles T-Shirt Using the Clorox Bleach Pen. There have been other tutorials using the Clorox Bleach Pen, but none that offered such good advice, or did such a great job of drawing on a T-Shirt. Went out and bought Tide Bleach Pens today!

I want to try some of these ideas.

Recycled T-Shirt Tutorials! Recycled T-Shirt Tutorials! Recycled T-Shirt Tutorials!

Bleach Pen on Solid Dress--I need to do this to a new dress that has a bleach spot on it!

Bleach Pen decorating on Henna Dress - CLOTHING.I would have my very talented son draw the design but I will have the fun of bleaching it.

Put paper cut outs on th shirt, and spray the rest of the shirt with bleach over the letters...

Bleach Stenciled T-shirts. Put paper cutouts or other random shapes on a shirt, spray lightly with bleach. Shirt will be lightened except where you put the paper/objects. Oh, the possibilities!

10 Ways to Embellish with a Bleach Pen.. These t-shirts would be fun for the kids to make with Thift store t-shirts even invite friends over to do

DIY Bleach Pen T-Shirts. Draw your picture in chalk first then go over it with a bleach pen. holy coolness >> What a fun project! I think this is a toddler art project waiting to happen (Alivia can draw in chalk and I can go over it with a bleach pen)

bleach pen art - Google Search

Whitney's art spot: Bleach Pen Shirts Angel wings Dandelion puff henna day of the dead