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moon & stars ----> background galaxy, faded moon with dripping stars around to form constellations?



Sketch-a-day topic week 1 2016 is Round.  Inspiration image for the topic  Illustration by Natasha Newton

Moon and Stars 5 - Original Contemporary 8x10 Watercolor Painting - Constellation Art, Astronomy - by Natasha Newton

RESERVED - Moon and Stars 2 - Original Contemporary Watercolour Painting - Night Sky, Constellations - by Natasha Newton

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Portals to a better, dead world

vufus: “ “Moon Glows” Artist : Brenda Erickson ” // Moon illustration // Black and White

Beam me up. #takemehome #wrongplanet  fay 001 by MISS KELLY KEITH, via Flickr

Trippy Avn't Grde inspiration North Carolina-based artist Kelly Keith specializes in technicolor, retro, psychedelic, pop paintings that I’m pretty into.

nuit d'été

I see the moon. the moon sees me. god bless the moon. god bless me!

View from the Clementine probe with the sun behind the moon. Venus can be seen in the top of the image. 1994

Atmosphere of the Moon - This picture was taken with the Clementine spacecraft, when the sun was behind the moon. The white area on the edge of the moon is the Lunar Horizon Glow, and the bright dot at the top is the planet Venus.