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Yumi Ishiyama, Bad Temper, Cl


Xx- Yes, he wasn't a perfect soldier. But in the end he was a good man who despite this difference of pain he had amongst others, he showed only but joy.

HG Towards the end, with the female prophet and they see Zediah (yeah?) but it's a demon "wearing him" and he says this when he crosses the seal

REGENERATE https://www.wattpad.com/story/70629566-regenerate-part-three-marvel

even if the mere notion of you is close to being ethereal, one could not deny of you being sinful.

Most nights I'm afraid to close my eyes because that's when my memories are at it's strongest and it hits me, hard.  I try my hardest to forget but I can't control what my mind thinks about while my body tries to rest. I have to keep reminding myself that it's just a bad dream, you see, it felt so real. theres tragedy running through my veins.

✦ My anxiety was so bad when I was younger I would be too afraid to sleep. So I cried every night, afraid to dream that dream I knew would come back to haunt me ✦ -soph