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Los uniformes de la SS diseñados por Hugo Boss.

World War II- SS Black Uniforms of Nazi German Waffen SS Officer Uniform.This black coat is made of wool. It has a red armband bearing the swastika, rank tabs on the collar, and silver shoulder boards worn by high ranking officers.

SS M32 NCO Black Gabardine Greatcoat

is proud to bring you the most complete collection of uniforms for German Waffen SS during world war From officers to soldiers of the German Waffen SS, all fabrics & Sizes of the German World War two Waffen SS uniforms have b

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WWii Nazi German Officer's uniform showing the belt, collar tabs, shoulder boards, boots and trousers with lampasse (red stripe).

Y quien hacia los mejores uniformes de las historia?

Y quien hacia los mejores uniformes de las historia?

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02 - Die Kluft der HJ war etwas ausgeschmückter als die der Pioniere, in der Gundausstattung aber sehr ähnlich.

Brown SA shirts and the black-and-brown uniforms of the Hitler Youth.