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Hate every single one, true.

What Libra Hates. Especially the chaos and confusion. I bring enough chaos and confusion to my own life. I can't really manage another chaotic being. Mary said "can we hate a little?

Libra and soothing things over after a fight....this is sooo true!! I dont put my foot down or lush something unless i KNOW im right

Libra and smoothing things over after a fight.this is sooo true! I dont put my foot down unless i KNOW im right

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some say I'm shy but those who really know me say I'm talkative. These horoscopes are creepily true.

that explains the children that have been following me around... haha. jk, no really i'm not.

Children love Libras and are drawn to them. They are also suckers for kids too as long as they aren't spoiled brats. Ever so true. My children absolutely adore me. And I'm a kindergarten teacher :)

Libra Temper  ~~  Although we rarely loose it, when we do... others better watch out!!!     LOL!

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Oh how true…Libra Temper ~~ Although we rarely loose it, when we do… others better watch out!

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ℓιвяα ♎️ if this is not what he says all the time! Libras carry so much pain