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How Sonic Characters see the glass of life. Knuckles obviously just wants his drink XD

Ahora todo tiene sentido 7u7

I would have ask for the same thing sonic asked for. By the way tails, sonic is the one in the movie so it is his choice.

I'm with ya all the way Knux!   The Coolest by Yellow-Jelly.deviantart.com on @deviantART

When I was a kid I thought Tails had a crush on Sonic and honestly that hasn't changed at all. I just think it's really cute, bury my trash ass. The Coolest


In my comic Sonic will be the leader of freedom fightes yeah! also I WILL MAKE A PROTECTIVE BARRIER about Sonally and Sonamy.i mean Sally and Amy can get inlove but Sonic wont show a.

Tails Beating Up Amy | Sonic and Amy sonic and amy VS FanArt

Sonic and Amy Photo: sonic and amy VS FanArt

Sonic: "here, take my shoes. They're wet and I haven't taken them off since 1991." Amy: "but....we were having a moment." Sonic: "I was having 12% of the moment." #Avengersreference.

Amy: Yes what it it? Sonic: Can you take my shoes? They're wet. Amy: *sign* You're lucky I love you.