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I've seen political posters of President Obama, miniature equines, but not a single Sonic poster existed? C'mon, step it up, Sonic fans! Sonic Gets It Done With Speed -Political Poster-


In my comic Sonic will be the leader of freedom fightes yeah! also I WILL MAKE A PROTECTIVE BARRIER about Sonally and Sonamy.i mean Sally and Amy can get inlove but Sonic wont show a.

Hedgehogs, I Love, Hedgehog, Pygmy Hedgehog

Look at these two dorks :3

【Change】» Sonic y tú

Sonic mega drive #1

Team Yume Plays: "Beachside", Part "Willy Wanker and the Family Friendly Play"

Silver's spin by FinikArt on DeviantArt<<<ok that was friggin adorable

I was just wondering, why doesn't Silver use Spin dash as Sonic and Shadow in StH 2006 In the end, i came up with THIS!

.::sonamy-comic::. until the end (apocalypse ? ) by JustSmileWithMe

I was trying to make an entry for a contest, but I took so long -A-" so I hope you like it ( this remember me the death of sonic in apocalypse wo. until the end (apocalypse ?