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wolf trail

Winter Snow: Pembroke Welsh Corgis in it up to their ears.I can't wait until I move to a ranch where we can get snow and I finally adopt a corgi. There will be little corgi snow paths everywhere!

Lantern Walkway, Chester

England right? I get the fascination Chester Walls in the fog - Lantern Walkway, Chester, England

Marion Public Library: December 2008

Pictures of animals in snow. Pictures of animals in snow. Funny pictures of animals in snow. Pictures of animals playing in the snow.

Snow Trestle, Leoni Meadows, California

Rail-way. Leoni Meadows Train Trestle, Northern California by Kent Griswold


🎵Gone away, is a blue bird. Here to stay, is a new bird. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland 🎵

~~Footsteps in the Snow ~ cabin by the fjord, northern lights, Norway by Wim Lassche~~ I think it looks like a Maxfield Parrish painting!

Goose at Hudson River, NYC by Cody Eichelberger, 2011

Why follow the flock, you said.

Animal footprints in the snow are one of my favorite things about winter.