Looking for some real life applications on Negative Numbers to teach your students?Grab these 12 differentiated worksheets on Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers. This no-prep unit includes solving word problems involving positive and negative integers, such as building stories, parking complexes, weather forecasts, freezers, line graphs, and many more. It comes with a detailed answer scheme to help you guide your students in solving the problems. Each problem applies to a different situation and contains a set of questions ranging from basic drills to fluency drills and critical thinking, aimed at boosting your students' critical thinking skills in a fun-filled manner.Below are the target revision topics:Adding negative numbersSubtracting negative numbersFinding differences between po Adding And Subtracting Negative Numbers, Integers Anchor Chart, Subtracting Negative Numbers, Positive And Negative Integers, Positive And Negative Numbers, Negative Integers, Integer Operations, Negative Numbers, Solving Word Problems