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Nothing makes a plain old wheat field look awesome faster than a thunderstorm

A Wind Blows | by Phil~Koch

I have always loved thunderstorms! Curling up in pjs on the couch.windows open so you can hear the rain and thunder.heaven <------ pinning for that beautiful description

Stormy Sky, Wisconsin

There Came a Wind (Wisconsin storm) by Phil~Koch. Green sky usually means perfect conditions for a tornado.


Amazing Storm Shale we take a walk in the rape seed fields and enjoy the storm?

Odkrywaj, Kolekcjonuj, Kupuj | via Stylowi.pl

Storm over the field Awesome picture!

Un phénomène extraordinaire s’est déroulé ce matin non loin de Sydney, en Australie. Juste au dessus de la plage de Bondi Beach, une tempête a commencé à se former sous les yeux des baigneurs. Sur les images amateurs, postées sur les réseaux sociaux, on peut voir un mur de nuages en train d’avancer vers les côtes australiennes.

Une sublime tempête frappe Sydney

En images - Une sublime tempête frappe Sydney … Plus

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Tornado and Lightning Puyehue Chile. # mais # Amazing # Terra Tornado and Lightning Puyehue Chile.

Stormy Sky

25 Beautiful Examples of Inspiration Photography

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Burning daylight—thought these were tornadoes, I think those are the burning oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Iraq set fire to more than 600 of them as they retreated from Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1991

Storm clouds. Used to see formations like this in Nebraska.  I've always LOVED big weather, and clouds like this are just awesome.

Storm clouds north of Warsaw, Indiana, USA.

To get a photo like this take the picture into the stormy sky while the sky behind you is still sunny or clear, it gives great contrast

storm, barley field, Germany, lol but I thought "amber waves of grain!


Beach Storm by Misher . Myrtle Beach, on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast


Angry Skies Photograph - Angry Skies Fine Art Print Got to love the storms

Storm above the sea.

"The Storm is Coming" - photo by Pawel Kucharski

imagenes de tormentas electricas y rayos

The Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony Peratt describes magma as a plasma, a medium containing moving charges. So we should expect volcanoes not only to exhibit electrical behavior but to have that behavior connected with the larger plasma environm