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Biomnitrix Fusion: Echodactyl by insanedude24

Biomnitrix Fusion: Echodactyl

Ben 10 omniverse-BIGECHO by Artmachband196

Ben 10 omniverse-BIGECHO by Artmachband196

Biomnitrix Unleashed - Big Blast by rizegreymon22

ENGLISH: Name: Big Blast Fusion between: Heatblast and Way Big Species: ½ Pyronite ½ To'kusta.

ENGLISH: Name: Crashocker Fusion between:  Shocksquatch and Crashhopper Species:  ½ Gimlinopithecus ½ Unknown (Unknown Gimlinopithecus hy...

ENGLISH: Name: Crashocker Fusion between: Shocksquatch and Crashhopper Species: ½ Gimlinopithecus ½ Unknown (Unknown Gimlinopithecus hy.

Biomnitrix Unleashed - Bullstar by rizegreymon22.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

ENGLISH: Name: Bullstar Is a fusion between: Lodestar and Bullfrag Species: ½ Incursean ½ Blosovortian (.

Ben 10000 fusion Xlrhopper by Kamran10000 on DeviantArt

Fusion of Xlr 8 and Crashhopper Ben 10000 fusion Xlrhopper

ENGLISH: Name: Freak Chill Is a fusion between: Ghostfreak and Big Chill Species:  ½ Ectonurite  ½ Necrofiggian (Necronurite) Planet: Anur Phateos/Kylmy...

ENGLISH: Name: Freak Chill Is a fusion between: Ghostfreak and Big Chill Species: ½ Ectonurite ½ Necrofiggian (Necronurite) Planet: Anur Phateos/Kylmy.

Biomnitrix Unleashed - XLR-Freak by rizegreymon22.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Biomnitrix Unleashed - XLR-Freak by

alien_force_by_leonardovincent-d87cnqx.jpg (2480×15508)

the 10 ben 10 alien force aliens (in intro order) i think everyone would agree that this set of aliens is way brighter and colourful compared t.