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Ragdoll Our Angel looked just like this when she was a kitten. Same shaped eyes and coloring.

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* * Chances are that a man who can nuzzle a kitten is also open and caring in other facets of his life. [Barbara L.


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Sweet face.Love the way he`s looking into the camera....it certainly must be somebody he trusts and loves!

* * " Me haz seens yoo 'round deez parts fer quites a whiles nowz. Yoo be de one wif warrants long az meez tail?

* * " So yer tellin' me dat de economy iz so bad dat de pen on de counter iz more valuable den de bank ?? "

"A cat lover and his cat have a master/slave relationship. The cat is the master, but with a sweet attitude.

love those eyes and that face :)  This looks like  my kitty Stinky Boy

"To some she may look a common cat - but to me she is my friend, confidant and comfort.this applies to all my kitties.

And Stretch !! #kittens #cats

And Stretch !! - 30th December 2015

No, I prefer not to think of myself as a cat. I am Siamese if you please. I am Siamese if you don't please.

My first cat was one of these. A haft breed, but still my most loyal cat. :( I love these traditional siamese cats, sometimes called "thai cat." My first cat ever was one.