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Drive around with a close friend whilst beautiful Lana fills the atmosphere ~ AG

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Blue by Noisy Paradise

[Closed w/ Laurel] The son of Ares lay his head on the worn pillow, allowing himself a moment to rest and collect his thoughts. Sadly, they couldn't be collected; these days, everything in his head got jumbled and thrown together like some crazy thought particle collider; too fast to make sense. He ran a hand through his hair, sighing as the door opened. He looks down through his lashes at his new guest, or maybe his new interrogator...

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december 2016 - grade - junior avid family field trip - bus ride with the group - bought first ticket at pm and second ticket bought at pm - the time in between was wonderful


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ghost town

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- georgiasushodge

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We focus on road trip photography and the amazing locations you stumble upon on the road in this edition of Location Lust.


Julia Borzucka wanted to be a violinist but a hand injury changed her plans. She started to create digital drawings on photographs found on Internet of famous

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i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me // fall out boy

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Area 51 - road trip is in sight!

✧i тнinĸ oғ вlυe wнen i dreaм oғ Yoυ✧ aesthetic ~blue~

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NICKEL NICKEL is an old arcade shop in westminister or that area where you can play on arcade machines for a nickel a play.

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on the highway, late at night.

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Panorama of Dawson City, YT and surroundings from Midnight Dome.

Panorama of Dawson City, YT and surroundings from Midnight Dome.