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1D Easter eggs ... Omg i will love you forever if anyone sends me these !!!

Harry updates on

The Easter eggs.Um I think I know what I want in my easter basket this year!

DIRECTIONERS LETS DO THIS!! I would like to see my brothers and sisters!! PLZ!

Repost to you're most popular board comment and tell me who else is

Literally Me \\ Hate sneezing when on period

"Ahh horror people wrote stuff about me that isn't true:(" that would be my face if there was fanfiction about me

The only band to make a parody of their own song.

One Direction : Math skills<<<< the only band willing to make a parody of their own song XD

I love doing that. Just curse people out in another language it's so much fun. I can do it in Arabic, French, Spanish and Irish so it all works out.

I CAN'T! Liam's probably thinking "I'm just not that kind of person Niall is.

One direction christmas

I am so making this my background when Christmas time comes around<<< 🎶That's all I want, when Christmas comes to town🎶


I remember see this episode of The Voice! And this will happen one day. And I will win his affection!

Never. I will never give up on you.>> and why would I do that? You saved my life. Never in a million years no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much I get bullied, and no matter how many friends I loose

The Daily Edition One Direction, first official photo without Zayn.

Lets make #MadeInTheAM their BIGGEST album yet! ♡<< new big project y'all tweet it instagram it tumbler it...ect.

Lets make their BIGGEST album yet! ♡<< new big project y'all